The whole truth of Çağatay Ulusoy and Serenay Sarikaya’s affair

Çağatay Ulusoy and Serenay Sarikaya

Çağatay Ulusoy and Serenay Sarikaya

The whole week, the Turkish press created endless sensations about the allegedly re-starting romance between Çağatay Ulusoy and Serenay Sarikaya, who had just broke up with her beloved .

The source of this hoopla was the odious journalist Bilal Ozcan, who reported lively that Serenay and Çağatay reconciled and went to Agva for a joint vacation. This is not the first lie of the journalist, he previously announced that was waiting for twins, reported that Sinem Cobal would be in the cast of the TV series Çukur, divorced with her husband Kenan Doğulu, and even gave the exact date of the divorce.

However, despite the very bad reputation of a journalist, his fantasy was immediately picked up by other publications with tastefully edited versions of the story. Journalists reported that Çağatay’s brother Atalay Ulusoy unfollowed Duygu (actually he had never followed her) and started following Serenay (by the way he did it during the shooting of the Tide / Medcezir series 5 years ago). And one of the bloggers said that Çağatay and Duygu never was in love, they were hanging around with for a while, which caused a wave of indignation from his own readers.

The degree of lies was growing, and even quite respected publications like Medyatava decided to follow their colleagues and give spicy information. In particular, the Medyatava magazine reported that Çağatay Ulusoy and , after a romantic holiday, broke up and unfollowed each other in social networks (although they never followed each other, but the press was not interested in this detail at all). Çağatay Ulusoy immediately started following Serenay Sarikaya and began to like her photos. The fact that Çağatay and Serenay have been followed each other since the time of the TV series The Tide / Medcezir, that is, for five years, journalists apparently do not know.

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Recall that earlier the manager of Çağatay Ulusoy Engin Aykanat rather sharply reacted to the information in the Turkish media about the fake “like” of Çağatay on the photo of Serenay, saying “this funny crap started again.” Following him, the manager of Serenay Sarikaya Aise Barim denied all the allegations in the press in talk show of TV8 channel, stating that all the allegations of bloggers and journalists are false.

However, the Turkish press continued to write “the love story”. On Friday, tabloid Aksam reported that Duygu Sarışın was very offended by the “likes”. Allegedly she broke up with Çağatay, moving back to her sister, who lives in the same area. The reaction of Duygu did not take long to wait: the photo with a happy girl on Instagram in the shirt of Çağatay clearly showed what she was thinking about Turkish journalists.

In turn, Serenay Sarikaya, who visited Bergüzar Korel’s play “Boys and Girls” on Thursday evening, denied rumors of a renewed affair with Çağatay Ulusoy, saying that all the information in the press is false. As for “likes” on Instagram, which Çağatay allegedly puts and takes, she was told that it was photoshop. In any case, she has no information about this. The journalists asked if she would like to talk to Çağatay, if he would call her, but Serenay laughed and answered that the question was very funny.

We hope that Serenay’s personal refutation will bring Turkish journalists to their senses. They will stop the flow of lies and stop writing a new fantastic love story. There is no affair at all. Çağatay continues to live with Duygu Sarışın, nothing changed, and Serenay soon leaves for Los Angeles, where she intends to take a break from the Turkish press.

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