Onur Tuna and Sevda Erginci in the new series?

Onur Tuna and Sevda Erginci

Onur Tuna and Sevda Erginci

For two seasons, the Forbidden Fruit  / Yasak Elma Series kept its fans in suspense, offering more and more new challenges for the main characters of the story. However, any story sooner or later comes to its logical finale.

The audience was tired running around, ratings began to fall, and producer Fatih Aksoy made a radical decision: Onur Tuna and Sevda Erginci will leave the series in the 46th episode. The final for their characters will be happy and the story will start anew with a new cast. They call the names of Kerem Bursin, Hulya Avsar, Yurdaer Okur as the new names in the cast, however, the rumors are not yet officially confirmed.

Fans of the pair Onur Tuna and Sevda Erginci are in for a pleasant surprise. According to the famous journalist Sina Kologlu, Fatih Aksoy decided to repeat the pair on the screen again and Mediyapim company is preparing a new series, that will be aired next season. Recall that the repetition of pairs is a phenomenon quite rare for Turkish producers, especially immediately after the end of the work in the previous project, so while we wait for the official announcement from the producer.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Indian fans of onur tuna sir and sevda erginci madam are still waiting for new beginnings with together again please do something for that…..

  2. ali says:

    love both of them