Burak Deniz will become an influential mobster?

Burak Deniz

Burak Deniz

The new series of television company Tims & B Boss / for TV channel Show TV is not a remake, it is based on the original script. The leading actor Burak Deniz will play a rich and powerful business person.

It seems that we are still talking about the TV series Baris, which was developed by Timur Savci for almost a year. The series is simply changed the name. If the assumptions are correct, then the story will be devoted to a powerful family, that turns the fraud in the financial sphere. So we are waiting for the mafia, politics and, of course, a beautiful love story.

At the moment, apart from Burak Deniz in the cast of the new TV series TIMS & B Boss / there are no other actors. All information about the partner of the actor is premature and not true. Who will be the partner of Burak Deniz is still unknown.

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