Turkish TV series to be back in fall 2019

With the end of the summer television season, more and more questions come to us about which Turkish series will return to the air in the fall of 2019. So we will try to give answers to so many questions whether the favorite series has ended, whether it will return to the air.

Resurrection Ertugrul /

The story of Ertuğrul Bey is finished. Engin Altan Düzyatan finished his work in the series and will return to the screens in the fall with a new character, a fearless prosecutor. However, the story of the creation of the Ottoman Empire will continue under a new title. In winter, Turkish viewers will see the new show Resurrection Osman / Diriliş: Osman. It will be devoted to the fate of Ertugrul’s youngest son Osman Gazi. Burak Özçivit will return to the screens as Osman.

Bitter Lands / Bir zamanlar Çukurova

One of the top-rated TV shows is sure to continue the next season. Producer Timur Savci promises to make the story even more intense and exciting. By the way, several episodes that viewers will see in the fall were shot in advance so that the crew had enough time for quiet work.

The phenomenal success of the show last season made the sequel simply inevitable. True, the producers faced considerable difficulties when the two leading screenwriters left the team. However, the crisis seems to have been successfully overcome, the contract with the new screenwriters has been signed, and we can only wait for what story they tell us next season. The leading actors remained the same, no one left, so fans can get ready for the new season.

Woman / Kadin

One of the top-rated series of the last two seasons continues to attract a female audience and sells very well abroad. Not surprisingly, it received the green light for the next season, in which, we hope, will continue to delight his fans with a simple but touching family story.

The Pit / Çukur

The only super hit of  Ay Yapim on which its management makes a special bet. In the new season, we are waiting for the continuation of the story of Yamaç Koçovali, who suffered serious psychological trauma. Two new female characters with a very interesting story will appear in the series at once. Whether Yamaç will have a new love is still unknown, however, by tradition, Turkish scriptwriters cannot leave the main character without a love story.

Bandits / Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz

Last season, the series experienced the crisis when its producer and the main screenwriter was forced to abandon further work on the project because of personal problems. However, the show survived thanks to the help of the ATV channel, which took the project under its wing. From now on, the production company of the channel itself leads the Bandits and, it seems, copes with the task well.

Back streets / Arka Sokaklar

For 11 years in a row, the series has always been present in Turkish air and is clearly not going to leave it.

Lifeline /

This show has become one of the main television phenomena of past seasons but it could not keep the high level. Alas, after the departure of the first screenwriters and director it began to lose the audience, although it reached the final of the second season at decent ratings. We have the good news for fans of the project: the leading characters will remain, neither Ulas Tuna Astepe nor Irem Helvacioglu left the series. Will its creators are able to beautifully complete the story, we will know very soon. According to preliminary information, the series will be finished by winter.

Cruel Istanbul / Zalim Istanbul

Sirma Yanik, a multi-screenwriter, continues to write the script for the project, however, since she is simultaneously working on the series Children of Sisters, a screenwriter who previously wrote the summer romance Early Bird, was given to help her. While it looks like an extremely doubtful combination but the shooting has already begun and the second season will be released on September 9

Warrior / Savaşçı

The show is one of the undisputed leaders of the Turkish broadcast, however, at the same time, the film crew is often not paying salaries. The confrontation on screen and behind the scenes will continue in the new season, one can only hope that this will not lead to an unexpected half-way closure of a successful project with the most inept management.

The Yard / Avlu

The successful series of the last two seasons was transferred to Netflix. Internet platform will release the first two seasons, and then decide whether there will be a third. Despite the assurances of the actors that there will be a third season, there is still no certainty. We remind you that earlier Netflix purchased such series as Wolf and Immortals under the Netflix Original label but none of them received approval for the next season, so fans of the Yard can only hope that the moody international audience will like the first seasons.

The Forbidden fruit / Yasak Elma

The third season of the series begins on Monday, September 9th. However, more than half of the leading cast left the project, so that a completely new story with new characters awaits the audience. So far, it is only known that Talat Bulut and Eda Ece remained.

The Story of One Family / Bir Aile Hikayesi 

The successful family series of last season easily received the approval of Fox TV’s management to continue. Since the show is a remake of the popular American project This is us, the plot is known to us and there are no special surprises to be expected.


The long-suffering project of Ay Yapim company was periodically threatened with premature closure but was nevertheless renewed for the next season. Director Ali Bilgin worked on adapting the project to the tastes of the Turkish audience (although another person will be involved in further directing), the series will begin filming on August 20. We are promised interesting surprises in the new season. Both leading characters will remain, so you can not worry about the fate of the heroine, despite the intense finale of the first season.

Sisters children / Kardeş Çocukları 

Filming of the second season of the project will begin on August 25. We are promised new characters and a new exciting story. By the way, the series may be transferred to Tuesday. Its fate is not yet entirely clear given that the screenwriter makes two scripts at once.

The Last Emperor / Payitaht: Abdülhamid

Another long-liver of the Turkish broadcast that continues to exist in the state television channel without worrying about ratings. The political order and a very good rating from an educated viewer give Abdulhamid hope for a couple more seasons.

Don’t let go of my hand / Elimi Birakma

One of the most stable family TV series that feels great on a state-run television channel. Filming of the second season will begin on August 15. By tradition, some actors left the project, and new characters appeared. However, both leading actors are present so the story will continue without bloody showdowns.

Get up let’s go / Kalk Gidelim

Filming of the third season of the project has already begun and it will appear on air on August 17. True, it misses a pair of leading actors. In particular, Onur Seyit Yaran left the series in which he played for two years.

Reunion / Vuslat

Filming of the show started on August 5. Fans of the project had several unpleasant minutes when they received information that the director and the producer had left the series but the management managed to overcome the crisis and now the new team will continue to shoot.

Ring / Halka

Despite the statements of the producer, the series Ring will not be returned on air, although the hope of the renewal remains. The channel decided to divide all the episodes of the first season of the Ring into episodes of 40-50 minutes and change the format of the series. The new version of the show is planned to be put up for sale in other countries. If sales are successful, then the series will return with a new season. However, this will not happen until January, maybe in July. As for the actors, the producer terminated the contract with everyone. If by the time the shooting of the second season they will be free and want to continue filming, then they will return to the project. The script for the second season is also ready.

Spot / Leke

Alas, this project left the air without saying goodbye. The channel announced the season finale but actually made the full finale. The actors are currently looking for another job.

Which of the presented projects will be successful, and which will be canceled ahead of schedule, we will find out very soon. As always, competition in Turkish show business promises to be fierce. Stay with us!

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