Can Yaman: 10 unexpected facts about the star of Erkençi Kus

The success of the series Early Bird / Erkençi Kus made everyone talk about the leading actor of the show Can Yaman. However, how well do fans know their favorite actor? Here are ten unexpected facts that will make you take a fresh look at the charismatic star.

Fact 1. The most important woman in Can’s life is his mother.

is a typical mama’s boy. Well, how could it be otherwise if dad left the family when he was only 5 years old. However, he also had an excellent relationship with dad but mom is a sacred thing. Until now, she is his personal assistant and the actor jokingly calls her “Mrs. Control.” So, girls, do you want Can to like you? Start by meeting his mom!

Fact 2. Can is not a womanizer

A handsome and very successful man is the dream of any girl. But he prefers a long and stable relationship and is not inclined to be chasing skirts. Alas, stability is a very difficult thing in show business. Can’s affairs with colleagues Bestemsu Özdemir and Açelya Topaloğlu ended in a painful breakup, there were even rumors that Bestemsu had cheated on him. Since then, the actor prefers not to show his relationships in public. Despite rumors that he allegedly dated with his colleague on the series Early Bird Demet Ozdemir both actors denied a romantic relationship. But they became great friends. Perhaps this is for the best, because the love affairs end but the friendship remains.

Fact 3. They made a real hunt for Can

Oh, these women! What they won’t do to get closer to the idol. After the success of the series Early Bird some ladies made a real hunt for Can. One of the fans even cut her hand after her claims were rejected. Finally the police had to intervene and too violent fan quickly calm down.

Fact 4. Can has a wild temper

Once on the set of the series “Which of us did not love,” / Hangimiz Sevmedik he threw a glass of tea at his partner. She filed a lawsuit that convicted the actor and sentenced him to a fine and also ordered a public apology. However, the lady herself was also not famous for goodwill, so here, as they say, “he’s met his match.”

Fact 5. Can loves basketball very much.

He even received a grant to study at a prestigious university thanks to his participation in the basketball team. It is not surprising, his passion for sports is related to his uncle Fuat Yaman, who is the coach of the Besiktas team. Also, Can loves boxing, cross fit and sports dancing.

Fact 6. Can speaks several foreign languages

The actor studied at the Italian Lyceum in Istanbul and then went on a student exchange program in the United States. So he fluently speaks Italian, English and French.

Fact 7. Can dreams of a movie career

He wants to star in the film of the famous director Ferzan Özpetek. Recently, the actor and the director started following each other on Instagram that gave fans hope that this dream of Mr. Yaman would still come true.

Fact 8. It is difficult for Can to find a wardrobe

When you have a 46th foot size and broad shoulders the problem of selecting shoes and clothes is more acute than ever. Maybe that’s why Can prefers everything spacious not constraining movements. He doesn’t even like belts.

Fact 9. is a part-time actor

And did not plan to be one. Having entered the faculty of law and successfully completed his studies Can Yaman began to work as a lawyer and founded his own law office with his friends. For the record the office still works quite successfully. And he went to acting courses to learn how to speak correctly and successfully argue his position in court but quickly felt a taste for a new profession. Step by step he progressed smoothly to other career levels until he got his chance in the series Early Bird / Erkençi Kus.

Fact 10. Can is loved not only in Turkey

The Spanish public is crazy about the Early Bird. The Turkish series has long and firmly seized leadership in the social networks of Spain. In Italy fans watch the previous Can’s show Bitter Sweet / Dolunay that became one of the leaders of the summer television season in this country.

And then what? What new heights can the actor conquer? Will he act in the film as he dreams? Will he get a dramatic role? Will his next series be successful? All this we have to find out in the very near future. After all, Can Yaman, the lawyer who became an actor, is not going to leave the profession. So, to be continued!

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