Can Yaman lost, Tolgahan Sayışman found

A year ago, Gold Film was developing the series Life Debt / Can Borcum, in which the main roles were to be played by Can Yaman and Pinar Deniz.

However, after the scandal with Can Yaman last year and Pinar Deniz’s refusal to work with him Faruk Turgut was forced to cancel the preparation of the series. The Show TV channel transfered its development to TIMS & B, which was preparing the Island / Ada project. The result was the Word of Honor / Şeref Sözü. The series could not find the leading actor for a long time. The script was sent to and Ulaş Tuna Astepe, but they refused the offer. In the end, the role went to Tolgahan Sayışman. Let’s see if he was right in agreeing to this project.

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