Can Yaman goes on an international tour

Can Yaman goes on an international tour

goes on an international tour

He is the object of adoration of foreign fans and the object of envy of some compatriots. What did Can Yaman answer to PR allegations and what does he plan to do in the near future? We learned about the future plans of the star!

The great success of Can Yaman abroad made the Turkish press seriously think about whether this is just a PR move of actor’s managers who want to “sell” their star. Can did not run away from the press, but gave clear answers to the awkward questions posed. He denied Turkish media reports that it was just a planned advertising company. Can said that he did not expect such a stir, although he knew that his series is being broadcast in Italy. Regarding the rumors about PR, Mr. Yaman’s answer was very simple: “People are too envious. Why are they not proud of the successes of their compatriots, but constantly belittle them? These are envious gossips and nothing more!”

As it became known, Can is preparing for a big international tour. Moreover, unlike his colleagues Burak Özçivit and Engin Altan Düzyatan, he is not going to take money for his participation in events. Here is the schedule of the actor’s international tour:

  • Sunday, September 22: talk show in Athens, Greece and a party for 200 people at the Hilton Hotel. Perhaps he will also give an interview to Skai TV, where the Early Bird television series is being broadcast.
  • Friday, October 11: talk show in Rome (Italy) and a party in his honor. Shooting for Hello magazine cover.
  • Tuesday, October 15: Gala evening in Cannes with producer Faruk Turgut during the international exhibition of media content MIPCOM.
  • Friday, November 1: A week-long tour in Spain, participation in various events organized by the Spanish television channel.
  • Monday, December 2: tour of South and North America to the countries where the series Bitter Sweet and Early Bird are shown.
  • In January 2020, Can will go to military service, that will take 21 days. Upon his return from the army, he is waiting for work in the film of Faruk Turgut. The scriptwriter is Birol Guven.
  • By the way, Italian producers offered the actor to take part in one of the dance shows and star in a small role in the series, however, both proposals were rejected due to the heavy workload of the star.
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