The most ambitious Turkish series in history from the creator of Ertuğrul

The most ambitious Turkish series in history from the creator of Ertuğrul

The most ambitious Turkish series in history from the creator of Ertuğrul

His series on the life of Ertuğrul was watched by hundreds of millions of viewers around the world. He begins a new historical project in collaboration with Uzbekistan and India. Who will we see in the new series of famous producer Mehmet Bozdağ?

One of the most successful producers in Turkey, Mehmet Bozdağ, is not only preparing to enter the international market with the film and starts work on the sequel of the Resurrection Ertuğrul series, but have started work on a new historical project that is being prepared at the highest state level.

For a long time everyone believed that producer was busy with the final preparations for the release of the film “Turks are coming” or he began to work on his main project Resurrection Osman. But he suddenly went to Uzbekistan to complete the final preparations for a new big project dedicated to the life of the outstanding historical figure Jalâl ad-Dîn Khwârazmshâh or Manguberdi – the last ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire. He fought like a hero during the Mongol invasion of Central Asia and was killed. Huge historical series will show the battles with the Mongols, a campaign in Transcaucasia and India.

According to Turkish media, as early as next month, Bozdağ Film will begin work on 13 episodes of the series, that has been prepared for more than a year in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan. Recall that Bozdağ announced the launch of the project in October last year. In January, the Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan visited the set of the TV series Resurrection Ertugrul, where negotiations were held regarding future work. Currently, the producer is on a return visit to Tashkent, where a conference of historians is held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, dedicated to the life of Manguberdi.

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As part of the conference, scientists watched a short film by Mehmet Bozdağ’s team about Khwarezm Shah, where he presented the future series. Speaking at the conference, Bozdağ informed those present that his biggest dream was to recreate the history of the Turkic world. He emphasized that during the year he conducted research related to this historical period, involving prominent historians in the work. Work on the series lasted more than a year. In July, an official agreement was signed with the Uzbek side.

The series will consist of 13 episodes, the shooting of which will be held both in Turkey and in Uzbekistan. The decision to continue the series will be made based on the results of the first part. In the second season, it is planned to show the Shah’s campaign in India and involve Indian partners in the work.

For the Uzbek side, this project is one of the highest priorities, since Manguberdi is one of the most beloved historical figures of Uzbekistan, who was the first to defeat the invincible army of Genghis Khan. But the world knows very little of this part of history and the time has come to fill this gap.

The cast of the series is not yet known, however, the name of the leading actor is probably already determined, because a short film in which sketches of future work were shown should have had the main character. Who is he? And why has the press not leaked information about the filming to date? Obviously, this series is the most ambitious and costly in the history of Turkish television. Surely the biggest stars of Turkey, Uzbekistan and possibly India will be involved in the work. We will follow the development of events.

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