Turkish viewers criticize Can Yaman

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Over the past few months, Can Yaman has evoked the most mixed feelings in Turkey. The actor formed a big fandom, but at the same time there are a lot of people who do not like him. What’s happening with the star?

As you know, relations between Turkey and Israel have never been very great. Supporting the Palestinian people, Turkish viewers quite sharply criticized any culture representative who dared to visit the Promised Land or to collaborate with the Israelis. So, Ozcan Deniz and Asli Enver were very sharply criticized for their tour to Israel. Moreover, the Turks’ indignation was so great that Ozcan was forced to refuse a second tour, despite the astronomical fee that he was offered.

Not surprisingly, the decision of Can Yaman to collaborate with the Israeli brand of perfumes, caused another wave of indignation of Turkish viewers. The actor is accused of betraying national interests.

Some Arab social media accounts went even further and spread the news that Cansu Dere allegedly criticized Can Yaman. Bloggers said that the actor claimed that he will represent Turkey in Israel, which he considers a great country. To which Cansu stated that Can would represent only himself, and not the Turks. However, fans of the actress say that she is very restrained and does not interfere in the controversy. And in general, it is unlikely that she knows Can Yaman so closely to discuss him (and maybe she does not know him at all), so this is most likely just another fantasy and nothing more.

In any case, dissatisfaction with the decision of the actor is felt quite clearly in Turkey and such rumors only reflect the general mood among the audience. How things will unfold we will find out very soon.

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