Hakan Muhafiz / The Protector: 2019 results

On December 14, 2018, the first season of the series Hakan: Muhafiz / The Protector was released on Netflix. A year later, we can summarize: was the first Turkish Netflix project successful and how much?

As the saying goes, “the numbers do not lie,” so we will give only plain facts and nothing more:

  • 10 million accounts watched the series for the first month on the platform
  • 20 million accounts watched the series by May 2019
  • The number of platform subscribers increased from 200-250 thousand to 1.5 million in Turkey after the release of the series
  • The only Turkish series Netflix renewed for another two seasons
  • The series that Netflix management presented as evidence of the correctness of its content policy in a report to investors
  • The only Turkish series that has been mentioned in all world media, including CNN, BBC, New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, etc.
  • The most popular series of Netflix in Turkey in 2019 according to the platform management
  • The most popular series on all streaming platforms in December in France, Brazil, Mexico, Israel
  • The series, which is among the ten most popular foreign Netflix TV shows in Latin America, Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa and the Middle East in 2019, ahead of the popular Money Heist / La Casa de Palel in some countries
  • The star of the series Çağatay Ulusoy is the highest paid actor in Turkey with the salary of 500 thousand Turkish lira per one episode
  • The leading lady of the series, Ayça Ayşin Turan, came out in the 42nd place in the IMDB database, which is the best result among all Turkish actors for all time and remains on the list of the most popular Turkish actors so far
  • Çağatay Ulusoy signed a contract with one of the most prestigious acting agencies in the United States United Talent Agency
  • Hazar Ergüçlü signed a contract with one of the most prestigious acting agencies in the UK Subtitle Agent and has already starred in the BBC series

So, the results of the Protector speak for themselves. This is an undeniable success. However, not all Turkish viewers accepted the show, because it is completely unlike traditional Turkish projects and looks like a typical American show with Turkish actors. And we are waiting for two more new seasons. Will they be as successful we will find out next year.

In 10 days, Netflix will release its second large Turkish project Atiye / starring Beren Saat. Can it get the same results in the world? Will Turkish and international audiences accept the show? Will the cast of the series win the hearts of Netflix users? We will know about this very soon.

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