Demet Ozdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol answered the question about “libido”

Demet Ozdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol

Demet Ozdemir and

On December 25, TV8 channel will release a new series Your Home Is Your Destiny / Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir starring and Demet Ozdemir. In this regard, the actors gave an interview to Hurriyet publication, in which they talked about their work and shared their views on the acting profession as a whole.

Demet Ozdemir will play a character named Zeynep: a naive girl, full of hope, who wants to find her place in this world, but she caught in the middle. İbrahim Çelikkol will play Mehdi: an honest, smart guy who will always come to the aid of his neighbors in the poor area where he grew up.  For Demet, Mehdi is a Father material who protects and cares for those who are nearby. And he has something in common with Ibrahim, with whom she feels confident and calm. She is very happy that she has such a co-star. İbrahim, in turn, admitted that he was not familiar with Demet and her series before and did not know how talented and hardworking she was.

İbrahim gave the direct answer to one of the hottest questions what he thinks about the polemic around the sensual attraction of partners, the famous libido, as well as the physical form of the actors. As he said, although acting, it seems, is very connected with the physical and aesthetic part of the work, but this is not the main thing. We cannot talk about success if the form is not supported by internal content. The easiest part of acting is changing your appearance. But to enter the character’s mind, to give life to a new character is very difficult. As for the famous “interaction” between partners, first, the success of the duet depends on discipline and work. He refuses to admit that the notorious “chemistry” is involved in some real feelings. It is important to understand the co-star and the scene, not to hog the limelight.

Demet also responded to a statement of her former co-star, Can Yaman, that the key of success in any project is the high libido of partners. According to the actress, the main thing in the project is to get along well with a co-star and have high energy. Good relationships, the ability to laugh together, discuss scenes – this is very valuable.

When asked about whether the gossip in the press upset her, Demet Ozdemir answered that at first the news surprised her, but now she was used to it and simply did not pay attention to them. Now she is completely busy with new work.

Recall that Turkish viewers will see a new series and a new pair of Zeynep-Mehdi in two days and will be able to decide whether the actors managed to convince them that everything that is happening on the screen is real. We look forward to the release of a new project.

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