Erkençi Kus is canceled. Why?

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir

and Demet Özdemir

On Wednesday, July 17, it was reported in Turkish social networks that the Early Bird / series would be canceled. Fans of the project refused to believe in it. But the information was officially confirmed by producer Faruk Turgut.

According to him, Gold Film Company signed a contract with Star TV channel on 52nd episode of the series. However, because of the holiday Kurban Bayram, it was decided to complete the series on the 51st episode.

However, other versions of the reasons for such a hasty cancellation were immediately put forward in the Turkish media. One of them is the financial problems of the company and the TV channel because of the departure of the biggest advertiser. Starting with the 49th episode, the film crew began to receive a salary with delays. The channel and the producer had problems with payment, so it was decided to shut down the broadcast earlier than expected.

Well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas said that recently the leading actors Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman didn’t get along well with each other and this was another reason for the cancellation of the project.

Her information picked up by other media. According to their information, the couple strongly quarreled while on holiday in the Maldives, and even wanted to return on different planes. And after the announcement of the final, the actors went on vacation separately. Demet went to Çeşme with her friend Anil Çelik, and Can spends his vacation in Marmaris. In general, the series is canceled, the affair is finished, too.

Recall that neither Demet nor Can has ever confirmed the existence of any romantic relationship between them, so maybe this is just an invention of Turkish tabloids, that have no real basis. One thing is clear – the show is really shut down.

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