The family congratulated Burak Özçivit happy birthday

The family congratulated Burak Özçivit happy birthday

The family congratulated Burak Özçivit happy birthday

Today, one of the most popular and charismatic actors of Turkey, Burak Özçivit, is celebrating his 35th birthday.

It is noteworthy that Burak became a superstar due to his personal qualities, being a model of a real man, husband and father. He was getting a lot of praise due to his work in the series The Magnificent Century / Muhteşem Yüzyıl  and Endless Love / Kara Sevda. He is currently starring in one of the most popular Turkish television series The Ottoman / Kuruluş: Osman playing the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The personal life of the actor receives special attention from fans. His beautiful love story with one of the most stunning Turkish actresses Fahriye Evcen, that began in 2015, ended in a romantic wedding. And two years later his son Karan Özçivit was born.

Fahriye congratulated her beloved husband on his birthday by writing touching words on Instagram: “My soul. You added your love to my love and made me always feel special. We united our lives and I gave you the most precious gift. I love you so much. It’s good that you are. You are my everything!” To which Burak replied: “I also love you very much, my babies. It’s good that I have you.” Fans noticed a small blind of Karan Özçivit’s foot that was made at his birth in the Fahriye’s photo.

It seems that the personal and professional life of Burak is shaping up perfectly. It remains only to wish that in the new year it gave him even more wonderful moments with his family, and, of course, success in work. The show The Ottoman enjoys well-deserved attention from the Turkish audience, and soon viewers from other countries will watch it. The story of Osman Gazi is just beginning, and he has only to become the first sultan of the newly created state. Happy birthday, Burak! Happy Birthday, Sultan!


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