Famous producer claims crisis of Turkish TV

Burak Özçivit and Engin Akyürek

Burak Özçivit and

Producer Mehmet Bozdağ admits that with the advent of the era of digital platforms, the Turkish series production system is in crisis. The arrival of Netflix in Turkey is painful.

Earlier Turkish TV shows were popular in the world. Burak Özçivit and are not known to everyone thanks to Netflix. However, now the situation has changed, he could not use the strategic advantages of a trip to Cannes with Burak Özçivit. At the same time, foreign digital platforms put producers in harsh conditions.

Note that with the arrival on the Turkish market not only Netflix, but also other foreign platforms, competition will also appear. Perhaps, platforms will soon have to fight for Turkish actors and producers, offering the best conditions, so that the transition period will not last forever. In any case, there is no alternative: television does not provide the creators of the series with the necessary orders. The rating system kills the old Turkish TV series.

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