Rise of Empires: Ottoman: success in the USA

One of the most popular American sites about show business Decider recommends viewing the series Rise of Empires: Ottoman. Recognizing that the project is not truly historical, but rather entertaining, the site notes excellent quality, the absence of boring historical episodes and good momentum. At least it’s not boring, the observer says. We remind you that earlier the site recommended streaming and The Gift  series.

In the meantime, in the United States, the new historical project Netflix dropped to 34th position, showing a very good result and lasting in the US top ten for a week. At the moment, the American public is watching the Turkish TV shows Filinta (23rd place) and Yunus Emre (36th position). Recall that so far, the best results among Turkish TV shows in the USA have been shown by the Protector and Resurrection Ertugrul, that were in the top ten for several months.

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