Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman – a new series or a new lie?

Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman

and Can Yaman

“The famous duo of the series Erkençi Kus / The Daydreamer is back! Demet and Can will work together in the new series!” – This information gave a lot of joy to fans of a successful duet, but alas, it turned out to be false. What happened?

As you know, Hispanic viewers are very fond of the star couple of the series Erkençi Kus / The Daydreamer Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, demanding that Turkish producers repeat their favorite duet. Not too familiar with the realities of Turkish show business, they are sure that such a successful cooperation will be repeated in the very near future. So, after the producer Faruk Turgut’s message that he was going to shoot a new romantic comedy, the script of which will be written by Asli Zengin (author of Erkençi Kus / The Daydreamer), there were reports on social networks and on YouTube that Can and Demet will star in this show. Moreover, it was alleged that the producer announced this information personally.

Alas, we are sorry to disappoint fans. There was no announcement by Faruk Turgut about the future stars of the series. He limited himself to the welcome of the scriptwriter and said that the project of Can Yaman “Life Debt” was canceled. Who will play the main roles in his new project is not yet known. Perhaps it will be Can Yaman, with whom the producer successfully collaborated earlier. Surely, such a probability is now being considered, because it means that the new show can be successfully sold abroad. However, Can is in difficult situation in Turkey  and the producer is probably waiting to determine the public’s reaction to the actor’s last interview, in which he apologized for his unfortunate words about libido.

As far as is concerned, the situation is very simple. She will not work in a new romantic comedy. Firstly, because Turkish producers reluctantly repeat serial couples. Many years must pass before they decide to repeat a successful duet. This applies only to television, the restriction does not apply to films and Internet projects. Secondly, now Demet is starring in the TV series Your Home is Your Destiny, which is loved by the Turkish audience and will comfortably reach the end of the season. If ratings allow, a second season may follow. In any case, the shooting of the romantic comedy should start in April-May and Demet will not be able to work in it.

Alas, while the dreams of repeating a beautiful couple from the series Erkençi Kus / The Daydreamer remain just dreams. Fans can only wish their favorite actors to consider working in digital TV shows where there are no restrictions of repeating the star duets.

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