Demet Ozdemir has been sharply criticized

Your Home Is Your Destiny / Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir

Your Home Is Your Destiny /

Akşam tabloid’s journalist Barış Kocaoğlu spoke sharply about the acting abilities of Demet Ozdemir. He emphasized that the scriptwriters of the series Your Home Is Your Destiny / probably don’t specially write the text for an actress who can only play pantomime, cry, look askance and get up in a pose. But she does not know how to talk. And this will soon bother the audience.

Note that viewers, as a rule, really like the “eyes expressions” of the actors and the “pantomime”, when an actor attracts the audience not by his words but his emotions  and it’s considered to be the best drama acting. But it seems that Mr. Kocaoğlu did not hear anything about the Stanislavsky system.


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