Hazal Kaya spoke about her son and future work

Just three months ago, became a mother. However, the actress did not give up social life and will soon return to the screens. What did the star say in her last interview?

On Wednesday evening Hazal Kaya attended the fashion show of his friend, fashion designer Ozgur Masur. Journalists noted that the young woman was glowing, and she was gotten a lot prettier. Recall that only three months ago, the actress became a mother, but quickly comes into shape.

After the show, Hazal gave a short interview in which she stated that she was very happy, her baby is a very sweet, obedient child, he resembles his father very much. She’s living a very happy life. Regarding the ongoing discussion of the weight of women who had just given birth in social media and the press, Hazal said that in her opinion this issue should not be raised at all. The main thing is motherhood, and the health of the child, and not the extra pounds, which do not matter. Weight can be gained and lost, but the main thing is the health of the baby. The actress asked the journalists not to address this topic again, so that women do not feel inferior, because before such a miracle – it is just a minor matter. This is news that cannot be called news.

Journalists also reminded Hazal of her statement that she would not leave her career after the birth of her son. The actress confirmed her intention to return to the screens in the near future and announced that she is now reading the scripts. The press suggests that Hazal will most likely choose to work on digital platforms, as there is a more lenient schedule, which is important for a young mother.

When will Hazal return to the screens? Whether she prefers to work on the digital platform or whether she will consider the proposals of Turkish producers on free television. Recall that big projects have been prepared for more than one month, so even if Hazal signs a contract, we can hardly expect a star to return before the fall.

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