Will there be a gala premiere of Season 3 of the series The Protector?

We habituated to the gala premieres of the new shows. However, do not forget that in fact the gala premieres of series on the platform are an exception, not a rule.

Last year, the platform released 371 original shows (and more than 700 along with those purchased for exclusive distribution as Netflix Original) and only a few of them had a gala. The gala premieres of the second seasons are an even rarer thing, and the gala premieres of the third seasons are not practiced except for a couple of the world’s biggest hits. So, most likely, we can not expect the gala premiere of the third season of the Protector, only press conference.

Meanwhile, in just 10 days after the release of the Turkish trailer of the series on YouTube it gained 1 million views. We remind you that the first trailer of the series gained 2.9 million views per year. The trailer for the second season gained 1.6 million views. The English trailer of the first season of The Protector remains all time popular among the original Turkish Netflix shows with 3.6 million views.

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