Hazal Kaya spoke about discrimination in Turkish show business

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Just three months ago, Hazal Kaya gave birth to a son, Fikret Ali. However, the actress is ready to return to the set. And the first step was an interview with Hurriyet publication.

Hazal Kaya, in her new interview, stated that in order to become a superstar, a Turkish actor can only play one successful role. An actress, to get the same result, you have to play a few successful series. We must accept the fact that show business in Turkey is built on the inequality between man and woman. However, she does not complain, she has achieved a decent payment for her work. Although in the industry, actors always earn more than actresses, she earns no less than her co-stars. She has achieved this equality, and she thanks Fatih Aksoy for this. He is very fair with his actors.

Hazal talked a lot about her son Fikret Ali, about their everyday life. She with her husband Ali Atay enjoy every little event in the life of her son. Hazal also shared information that she, together with the team of scriptwriters that they recently created, is now working on new scripts.

Women in Turkey need economic independence and the ability to constantly hone their minds and talents in order to realize themselves. However, one must understand that men have an advantage in all areas. Society continues to dictate to women what they should do, how to look. She cannot feel completely free when they try to impose a form of self-expression on her.

If we’re talking about some explicit scenes in series and movies, we know we’re going to be talking about a woman. The fact that the actor played in the scene will simply be forgotten. They will write about the “bold scenes” of the actress. Both the actor and the actress do their job, but in the eyes of society, the work of the actress turns into something completely different and it’s scary.

Hazal does not always find the strength to go against the system. Sometimes she feels that it is easier to shy away from polemics and do what society wants her to do, rather than fight every day. Generally speaking, women are resilient, strong and intelligent, so men get special satisfaction by subjugating women. It’s a matter of power. At the same time, her own father is the model of a man for her: he is the cutest and most naive person in the world.

Hazal raised the issue of the stand she uses on the set. From an ordinary professional tool that all actors use, it has become a tool of humiliation and ridicule of her height. She would understand the laughter if she went to the “Best Model” competition tomorrow, but how can one question the professionalism and acting because of somebody’s height? The work, the success, the effort she needs has nothing to do with height.

Hazal admitted that she had never been harassed in show business, but she suffered from discrimination. For example, if an actor is late for a shoot, everyone takes it for granted. If the actress is late – this is an occasion for the producer to call her manager and make a scandal. Or as an example – news that Çağatay Ulusoy, and she signed a contract with the United Talent Agency. Huge articles on Çağatay’s international success and a tiny note that she also signed a contract. The Turkish media decided that the man had all the success, and did not pay attention to the fact that they signed the contract together. However, she loves and appreciates Çağatay as her brother and is very proud of his achievements.

She is embarrassed to talk about motherhood. She is very happy, but she understands the pressure exerted on women who do not give birth for any reason. Society perceives the child as a duty and does not consider women who have failed to become mothers to be full-fledged. But they’re women like Hazal.

According to Hazal, she was not pregnant when she and Ali got married, but she could be, this matter should be of no concern to anyone. This is a private matter. She does not understand what right people have when discussing such things. Even the happiest events turn into a discussion of such things.

It is clear from the interview that Hazal Kaya is currently developing scenarios in cooperation with a team of scriptwriters. The actress will be back to work soon. According to so far unconfirmed information, this will be a new film. We will find out all the details of the new work of Hazal in the very near future.

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