Serenay Sarıkaya told when the shooting of her film will begin

Serenay Sarıkaya

Serenay Sarıkaya

Nowadays the name of Serenay Sarikaya appears only in the tabloids. Journalists are interested in the personal life of the star. But what about her career? The actress spoke about it in her last interview.

Serenay Sarikaya, who, due to the epidemic, did not appear in public for a long time, preferring to be in the house of her boyfriend Cem Yılmaz, gave an online interview to Vogue magazine. In it, she admitted that she was having a difficult time being isolated, missing restaurants, the sea, having fun with her friends. The first thing she’ll do when the quarantine is over is wear high heels, go to her favorite restaurant, and then go to the sea.

Recall that the performances of the musical “Alice in Wonderland” were interrupted due to an epidemic and it is not yet known when work will resume. It is unlikely that this will happen soon, because crowding in a cramped room now does not look like the best idea. Serenay admitted that she really missed the stage and was looking forward to returning to work.

As for her new film dedicated to the singer Bergen, she is waiting for the decision of the producer. So far, nothing is known. She does not know whether the shooting will begin and when. Serenay approached the issue philosophically, claiming that everything that was not being done was for the best. Filmmaking is not an easy process, and it will be particularly difficult for her to prepare for the Bergen role. The preparation phase can take a lot of time, so she can’t even give the approximate dates for the start of filming. We remind you that the film was shelved for three years and work on it began at the end of last year and stopped again due to quarantine.

So when does the movie starring Serenay Sarikaya start? When will the actress return to the stage? What news await us about the personal life of the star? Will she marry her boyfriend Cem Yilmaz? We will learn about all this very soon.


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