Is Our Story / Bizim Hikaye an Indian Super Hit?

Our Story / Bizim Hikaye

Our Story /

As you know, the series Our Story / Bizim Hikaye  in India was watched by 71 million viewers. The figure is impressive, but how much will it be in “Turkish coordinates”?

The series is hosted on the MX Player streaming platform in Hindi. There are 610 million native speakers of this language in the world. Thus, the rating of the series is 11.63%. However, we also note that users of the platform pay for each episode of Our story separately, that is, we can talk not about all Hindi-speaking population, but only about the middle class. In India, 3% of the population is considered as such. Perhaps some views refer to the Indian diaspora, which numbers 25 million people in the world. However, only 40% of expats speak Hindi. Thus, the rating of the series in AB is simply dizzying.

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