New Turkish TV series winter-spring 2021

New Turkish TV series winter-spring 2021

New Turkish TV series winter-spring 2021

In the autumn of this year, Turkish viewers will see a lot of novelties, about which the press and fans are happy to talk. But this is not the end of the work of the television producers. They have already started preparations for the new winter-spring season of 2021!

The autumn television season begins and more than 20 new TV shows await Turkish viewers. However, according to experts, TV channels are still afraid to release huge projects on the air, since after the epidemic the audience has not yet returned to the screens. Therefore, the most serious multi-budget series will start in the winter television season.

Several high-budget TV shows with a stellar cast await us. Some have already been announced. This is the series starring Engin Altan Düzyatan. According to preliminary information, Ulaş Tuna Astepe will become the second protagonist of the project.

The Gold Film company has been preparing for several years the historical series , which is an adaptation of the bestseller about the life of the Turkish Robin Hood. Given the close cooperation of the company with Can Yaman, it is possible that he will become the leading actor of the new project.

TIMS & B continues preparations for the TV show, which will be produced in collaboration with the Spanish company Plano a Plano. It is not yet known whether the project will be released on the digital platform or on free television. However, in the second case, it is possible that the audience of Turkey and Spain will watch it at the same time.

The most interesting is the entry into the television market of new company of Ay Yapım and Karga 7 Pictures. The new TV giant is expected to announce two high-profile projects at once. It seems that the fourth season of the series will indeed be the last. It will be replaced by newcomers. The series genre are drama and action. Not surprisingly, both projects get the best people. The first TV show will be directed by Sinan Oztürk, who for three years directed the series Çukur.  It is not clear whether he will complete work on Çukur or hand it over to another director. The series will be released on Show TV. The project’s scenario group had previously worked on the series Insider / Içerde.

The screenwriter of the second project is also known as none other than Gökhan Horzum, the creator of Çukur. The director is not yet known, but we recall that by winter Ay Yapim will have finished The Choice / Babil series and the best director of the action series  Uluç Bayraktar will be free.

Work is under way on the cast of both projects. Recall that it was previously reported that the newly merged company Ay Yapim and Karga 7 are preparing a large TV show with stellar cast, the story of which will be similar to the famous Ezel. Whether this is the same project is not yet known.

According to the latest information, Ay Yapim is negotiating with Çağatay Ulusoy, Tuba Büyüküstün and Gökçe Bahadir, and also expects to attract other superstars of the Turkish screen to work. It looks like the winter television season will give audiences some long-awaited returns of their favorite actors.

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