Hazal Kaya in the new Netflix series “Pera”?

Hazal Kaya in the new Netflix series "Pera"?

Hazal Kaya in the new series “”?

Hazal Kaya can be the star of the new Netflix series instead of . The fans of one Turkish actress are very happy, while the fans of the other are upset. What happened?

Fans of Serenay Sarikaya were eagerly awaiting their favorite star in the new series of Netflix “Pera”. The actress, who has been struggling to find a new project after completing filming on the series Fi – Çi – Pi, was on the verge of realizing her dream. However, alas, it never became a reality.

As it became known, Serenay didn’t get the part. As a result, producer and director Emre Şahin turned to Hazal Kaya, who is currently working on the set of the movie What can I do / Benden ne olur. Previously Hazal  admitted that she already has a TV show in which she would like to play if she succeeds in combining her main role as a mother and professional activity. Most likely, she spoke about this project.

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