TV series The Teacher makes the final

The autumn leaf fall of TV shows, which cannot withstand the fierce competition of this television season continues. Just yesterday it was announced that the series Love in the Attic will have a finale, and here’s a new finale announcement.

As it became known, the series Teacher / Öğretmen, starring Ilker Kaleli, would bid farewell to the audience by making the finale on the 9th episode. Let’s remind you that the pandemic has dealt a severe blow to Turkish show business. Many of the series that were forced to take a significant break were never able to get the audience back. The Teacher series was one of the victims of the pandemic.

The project started last season with very optimistic ratings. 36 episodes were supposed to be broadcast and the series will make its finale next May. But the audience of the project never had time to form. Also, the results of the second season were influenced by the postponement to Sunday. The audience forgot the plot, and there were no big stars on the show that could hold a capricious audience. And so, quite a natural result – the cancellation on the 9th episode, after which the Turkish-admired project The Warrior will return to the air with the new season.

Alas, the bad news doesn’t end there. It is assumed that in November, Fox TV will complete two more TV shows – Nehir and Simurg. New projects have already been prepared in their place – Redemption starring Nurgül Yeşilçay and Last Summer starring Alperen Duymaz.

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