Tolga Mendi in the TV series My left side / Sol Yanim

in the TV series My Left / Sol Yanim will play the role of the prince of the Kutlusay family Selim. At the age of 13, the boy lost his mother, his life was spent in wealth, fame and luxury, but this did not make him happy. A workaholic father often scolded his son for his inattention to school duties. With age, the problems with the father only worsened – he does not believe that the son can become a responsible person.

As Tolga admitted, he completely got used to the character, speaks and thinks like Selim. Even in ordinary life, he begins to wonder what Selim would have done in his place. For the role, he learned to swim and play basketball. He has always been athletic, but for this role he had to increase the load.

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