Scandal in the TV series “Call My Agent”

Call my agent / Menajerimi Ara

Call my agent /

The well-known fashion designer Rufat Ismail filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office requesting that criminal proceedings be instituted against the creators of the series “Call my agent” / Menajerimi Ara. ” My reputation is damaged,” the designer says. What happened?

As it turned out, the creepy orange dress that was used in one of the episodes of the series “Call my agent” / Menajerimi Ara belonged to the designer. He claims that his rights were violated, he did not give permission to use his design in the TV show. Since the dress became one of the key moments of the episode, Mr. Rufat is very uncomfortable: his work was severely ridiculed.

According to Sabah, Mr. Ismail had previously worked with world stars such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and others. This humiliation of his design caused him considerable reputational damage. Moreover, the dress, which was ridiculed in the series, was presented at fashion week by the famous model Coura Sasha.

The designer believes that the plot of the series, when the managers of Burçin Terzioğlu insisted on changing the dress, humiliated him personally, and also undermined his business. That is why he filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, demanding that a criminal case be opened. Time will tell whether the prosecutor’s office will agree with his arguments or the case will be rejected and sent to the civil court.

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