Is the Valley of Wolves series returning?

Valley of the Wolves / Kurtlar Vadisi

Valley of the Wolves / Kurtlar Vadisi

According to blogger Çakma, it’s too early to say that the Valley of the Wolves / Kurtlar Vadisi series will be released on Show TV. The agreement has not yet been officially signed, the series may end up on another channel altogether. It was not worth disclosing such information before the official signing of the contract.

In turn, Birsen Altuntas argues that the Valley of Wolves has been “returning” again and again for 6 years, and still cannot return in any way. If the TV show will be released in February, then it seems like you need to conduct a casting, gather a film crew, about 150 people. And where is it all? Moreover, the current budgets of TV series on free television will not be able to satisfy the needs of , they are insignificant. So this is once again fake news.

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