Ertugrul’s story is complete

The story of Ertugrul is over. Tamer Yiğit, who played the hero of the Turkish people in old age, left the project. Viewers will have to let go of their favorite character and follow his son Osman bey, who will create a great empire.

Throughout the first season of the series The Ottoman, viewers were eagerly awaiting the return of Ertugul bey, hoping that they would see Engin Altan Düzyatan on the screen again. However, as previously reported, Engin completed work on the TV show Resurrection Ertugrul. He is currently preparing to work on a new historical series Barbaros. The role of the elderly Ertugrul bey was given to another actor – the star of the Yeşilçam era Tamer Yiğit.

The audience warmly welcomed their favorite actor, who completed the story of the character who was loved by millions with distinction. Ertgurul left this world, handing over the reins of rule to the most worthy of his sons – Osman. It is he who will face the difficult task of nation-building and who will be the first sultan of the great empire that has been created.

Tamer Yiğit said goodbye to the series, admitting that during his 58-year film career he had never witnessed such excellent preparation for filming. The production, the direction, the technical team, the scenery – everything was perfect. The actor is happy that he was able to work in such a wonderful project after a long break, especially when he returned with such a significant character. The man who wrote the history of Empire. The actor wished the whole team success.

The story of Erturul, which has excited viewers in Turkey and far beyond its borders for so many years, is over. But the story of the creation of the Ottoman Empire continues.

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