Online gala premiere of Yesilçam series



The Turkish digital platform Blu TV proudly presented its new project Yesilçam to the press, which made a very strong impression on the journalists. It looks like we got a real hit of the season!

On April 20, digital platform Blu TV held a gala premiere of its new series Yeşilçam. Due to the restrictions associated with the pandemic, the gala was held online. First, the press was given the opportunity to talk with the actors of the project, and then the first two episodes were provided, which transported the journalists to the era of the 60s of the last century.

According to the leading actor Çağatay Ulusoy, in this difficult time, they hope to give the audience moments of joy by taking them from their homes for a short time and transferring them to the times of Yesilçam. They want to give the audience happiness and energy, to warm their hearts with the sincerity of what is happening on the screen. He hopes that this project will be their greeting to all the masters of the Yesilçam era, both those who are among us and those who have already left us. admitted that she grew up watching films of the Yesilçam era, while said that it was a dream come true for her to play a star of that time.

Subscribers to the digital platform Blu TV will see the first episode of Yesilçam on April 22nd. This is the story of producer Semih Ateş, a passionate film lover, who must fight for survival with competitors. The press reviews are excellent. As journalists admit, the series turned out to be a great project with a perfectly conveyed atmosphere of the era, wonderful actors, a gorgeous script and Çağatay Ulusoy, who is the real king of this show. Not a single negative review gives hope for a fascinating story.

It seems that the interest of international platforms in the show is not accidental. Recall that Blu TV CEO Doğan Yalçindağ has already announced that the series will be sold on other digital platforms, so that international viewers will see it very soon. By the way, residents of the Middle East and Azerbaijan already have the opportunity to watch Yesilçam with Turkish subscribers, since Blu TV operates in these countries.

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