Sarp Akkaya in the series The Pit / Çukur

Sarp Akkaya in the series The Pit / Çukur

Sarp Akkaya in the series The Pit /

The famous TV series of Ay Yapim The Pit / ends. However, until the end, very unexpected surprises await the audience. We have learned who will play the last enemy to be fought by the Koçovali brothers. This actor is known and loved by many!

The series Çukur, which kept the Turkish viewer in suspense for 4 seasons, makes the finale in three episodes. However, until the very end, the creators of the project continue to present pleasant surprises to the audience. As it became known another important character has joined the cast of the series starring Aras Bulut İynemli, Necip Memili and Erkan Kolçak Köstendil.

The viewers of the series finally received an answer who is the mysterious Şahran, whom Cumali uncle uses as the last trump card in his fight against the Koçovali brothers. As it became known, the role of Şahran will be played by one of the most beloved Turkish actors Sarp Akkaya, known from the TV series The Magnificent Century and  Ezel.

Already on Monday, the actor entered the set, which means that in the next episode Yamaç Koçovali and his team will face the most ruthless enemy of all they have faced so far. Turkish viewers greeted their favorite actor with great enthusiasm, his name hit the tops of Twitter.

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