Is Neslihan Atagül jealous of her husband’s co-star?

Is Neslihan Atagül jealous of her husband's co-star?

Is jealous of her husband’s co-star?

Love stories on film sets are a favorite topic of Turkish tabloids. Especially if it’s about alleged adultery. This time, the victims of the paparazzi were Kadir Doğulu and his wife Neslihan Atagül.

According to the Turkish press, after the appearance of a new video of Kadir Doğulu with his co-star Serra Ariturk, his wife caused a scandal. To preserve the family hearth, Kadir decided to quit the TV series Love Recipe / Aşkın Tarifi. The production company is making efforts to persuade the actor to stay, especially since the TV show will soon be over, so it won’t take long. Neslihan even had to publish a promo from the series on her Instastories, thereby expressing support for her husband and his co-star.

It is obvious that the whole story was made up by the Turkish tabloids solely to raise its own popularity. This is a great example of how the Turkish media works, making stories on the fly. There remains only one question – are they working on their own, or are the producers of the Love Recipe series taking part in this, trying to raise interest in their show? However, this does not help much – the series has very low ratings and will only live until the start of the main season, that is, until September.

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