Birce Akalay in the TV series Last Summer / Son Yaz

Birce Akalay in the TV series Last Summer / Son Yaz

in the TV series Last Summer /

Good news for fans of the series Last Summer / Son Yaz. A new star has joined the TV show to help raise interest in the project. What do we know about her character right now?

Despite the rather average ratings of the series Last Summer / Son Yaz, Fox TV still decided to renew the project of O3 Medya for a second season. However, the show lost one of the stars – Funda Eryiğit decided to leave the cast. Of course, the audience was worried: who can replace the actress, making a worthy pair of Ali Atay. And now it looks like a solution has been found.

Well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas reports that Birce Akalay, who has just finished filming the Netflix series Bird Flight / Kuş Uçusu, is on the verge of signing a contract to work on the series Last Summer. It is Birce who will become Ali Atay’s new co-star. Her heroine Sare is an intelligence officer who will help prosecutor Selim Kara to cope with a powerful enemy. The setting for the series will be moved from Izmir to Istanbul.

Of course, the departure of one of the main characters is always stressful for the fans, but the creators have found a worthy replacement. Let’s hope they can replicate the successful experience of Ramo’s series, which had much better ratings in its second season than it did in the first.

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