Who became Murat Yıldırım’s co-star in the Aziz series?



returns to the screens of Turkey in a new series, where he will have two co-stars at once. And we already know the name of one of the actresses. Who will play along with the famous actor, and who can become the second partner of the star?

The director Zeynep Günay Tan continues to prepare for the filming of a new TV series produced by O3 Medya for Show TV Aziz starring Murat Yıldırım. Filming will begin in September. Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Güven Murat Akpınar, Meral Çetinkaya and Fırat Tanış are among the actors in the cast of the project.

The events of the new series will take place in the 30s of the last century in Antakya. The personage of Murat Yildirim is forced to leave his hometown and the love of his life, Dilruba after he caused the death of a French lieutenant. After the incident was forgotten, Aziz Paydar returns to his homelands, where a completely new life and new love awaits him.

It became known that will become one of Murat Yildirim’s partners in the project. She will play the role of a new beloved of the main character, named Efnan. Damla Sonmez was also offered a lead role. If the actress agrees, she plays Dilruba, the beloved of the protagonist, with whom he had to part under tragic circumstances.

Will Damla Sonmez agree to the proposal of the production company? Will viewers like the new series, and when will we see the first episode? We will find out about all this very soon.  

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