Ozan Dolunay became a co-star of Hazal Kaya

Impossible / İmkansız

Impossible / İmkansız

Great news for fans of Ozan Dolunay. The young actor returns to the screens in one of the most promising projects from the most successful production company in Turkey. His co-stars in the series will be Hazal Kaya and Bugra Gulsoy.

Ozan Dolunay, whom Turkish viewers noticed after the release of the TV series Cruel Istanbul, returns to the screens with a new project. As it became known, Ozan became the second co-star of Hazal Kaya in the new series of Medyapim for Fox TV Impossible / İmkansız, which is a remake of the popular Japanese drama Oasis. The actors have already started following each other on Instagram during the filming of a commercial for the new season of Fox TV, so this information can be considered official.

Filming for the series will begin in mid-September. Its release will depend on the ratings of another project by producer Fatih Aksoy Love Logic Revenge. If romantic comedy maintains good ratings, then it will be completed at the end of December and the series The Impossible will premiere in January. If the ratings drop critically, then the TV show will be finalized, and the new TV series will take its place on Friday.

Note that there is no love relationship between the characters in the original drama, but there is a strong friendship and the heroine’s desire to have a family. However, by tradition, Turkish scriptwriters will probably add a love triangle. The main character of the drama will be Bugra Gulsoy, and the role of his unlucky rival will be played by Ozan Dolunay. Whether the character of Ozan will be the former boyfriend of the main heroine played by Hazal or the colleague-policeman of the character played by Bugra, who will fall in love with her later, is not yet known.

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