Why was Demet Ozdemir not present at her sister’s wedding?

The Turkish press reported that was offended by her older sister and did not even attend her wedding. But was the scandal real, or did the journalists write another fairy tale?

The autumn television season brought a lot of new TV series to fans of the Turkish show business, but upset paparazzi. The stars start working, there are no scandals yet, but the news must be made. In the absence of real information, the Turkish paparazzi decided to create a scandal themselves, announcing that the older sister of Demet Ozdemir Derya was married. However, neither Demet nor her brother Volkan were present at the ceremony. According to rumors, Derya quarreled with the whole family, so none of her relatives wanted to be with her on this special day.

This blatant lie surprised everyone concerned.  Demet was upset and posted a tweet, stating that she was in an excellent relationship with her sister, and did not know why she had to defend herself for something that didn’t happen.

As it turned out, all relatives, including the brother, were at Derya’s wedding, except for Demet. However, she had a perfectly good reason for her absence: the wedding took place in Çeşme, while the actress was in Istanbul on the set. The contract was signed several months ago and the star could not break the agreement. However, later she gathered the whole family at her home, having arranged a small celebration for her sister.

Alas, the Turkish press, in pursuit of a sensation, does not shun disinformation, so this kind of news should be treated with caution. Now Demet Ozdemir is negotiating to star in the projects of the new season, choosing from several interesting proposals at once.  

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