Hande Erçel: Kerem understands me without words

The journalists of Instyle magazine talked with Hande Erçel about everything: from women’s problems to the climate crisis, about her harmony with and who inspires her.

Hande confessed that her mom was the main inspiration in her life. She always encouraged her to do what she wanted, to be who she wanted to be, to stand upright, fight, love, work and give her soul to work. Hande continues to make her mother proud and devotes all her achievements  as well as her happy moments to her mother.

She’s quite comfortable with her looks, thinking that everyone has their own criteria. Someone considers her beautiful, someone does not. She is flattered when they call her beautiful, but if someone doesn’t like her, that’s okay too. Of course, when you are in an industry that requires you to conform to certain standards, this puts a lot of pressure. However, in the life of any person, there are priorities that are more important than appearance. It is a pity that many viewers do not understand this and believe that an actor should always be perfect.

She considers the series “The Daughters of Gunes” to be a turning point in her professional career. After she played Selin, everything changed. People began to recognize her. Also, she had a great experience working on the set when she was very young. However, she dreams of playing a character who will challenge her own limits and surprise not only the audience, but herself.

Regarding her beloved Kerem Bürsin, Hande admitted that she finally found a person who knows and understands her better than anyone else. She’s lucky to be in a relationship with someone who understands you, even when you’re just silent. They spent a lot of time filming, she was lucky to work with a person who knows her so well, this is reflected on the screen. Of course, the harmony between them influenced the final result. But it is not fair to reduce success to that alone. The biggest factor of success is the work of the entire team, who worked day and night.

Hande Erçel is now in the United States, where she plans to improve his acting skills. There is no doubt that the actress has a lot of proposals, but the fact that before starting a new work she wants to improve her professional level indicates that her career will not be reduced only to the roles of beauties that complement the main male character. Next year, Hande may surprise us.


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