Is Burak Özçivit facing prison?

Burak Özçivit

Burak Özçivit

The Turkish Prosecutor’s Office has filed a formal charge against Burak Özçivit. What happened, and what is the famous actor accused of? And most importantly, will the star of the series The Ottoman / Kuruluş Osman go to prison for 4 years?

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Beykoz has filed a formal charge against Burak Özçivit. The actor is accused of insulting the crew members on December 8, 2020, using obscene language. The offended workers filed a complaint, claiming that the incident took place. In turn, Burak told investigators that there was no such incident.

Taking into account all the evidence presented, the prosecutor’s office found it possible to refer the case to the court. This case falls under the legislation on judicial conciliation, the case was sent to a mediator, but the parties could not agree. As a result, the prosecutor’s office demanded for the accused from 3 months 15 days in prison to 4 years and 1 month in prison. Note that the prosecutor in Turkey usually demands the maximum, while the judge may impose a fine of one lira.

In the near future, the actor will appear before the judge of the 3rd Criminal Court of First Instance of Beykoz. It will be recalled that earlier Burak Özçivit said that he would not give comments on this matter, this situation does not concern him personally, everyone knows him and his family very well.

Burak’s lawyer made an official statement on the charges against his client. He reported that the persons who are featured in the news today in the Turkish press have abused their constitutional right to file a complaint. The actions were aimed at humiliating a person and obtaining illegal benefits. They demanded an astronomical amount, and when the requirements were not met, they provided false statements to the press and the prosecutor’s office. The lawyer is confident that the truth will become known as a result of the trial. They believe in the Turkish judicial system, which will find the truth, because it cannot be hidden, it is like the sun – it will always come out.

Bozdag Film Company and producer Mehmet Bozdag expressed their full support for Burak Özçivit and confidence that Turkish justice will sort out the situation and fully justify the actor.

Note that recently, quite influential competitors have launched an attack on the ATV TV channel, in an attempt to drive it out of business, which generates billions of dollars. Whether this incident is part of a general strategy or just coincided is not clear. However, the fact that the “offended” have been waiting since last year to file a complaint is alarming. After all, Burak Özçivit is the leading star of ATV, so attacking him looks like a logical step in the competition.

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