Ebru Şahin married Cedi Osman

Ebru Şahin married Cedi Osman

married Cedi Osman

Great news for fans of Ebru Şahin! A beautiful love story ended with a beautiful wedding: yesterday, the girl said “yes” to her beloved (and now husband) Cedi Osman.

In 2020, Turkish rising star Ebru Şahin, who gained fame after the release of the TV series “Hercai”, met NBA Cleveland Cavaliers player Cedi Osman in Alaçatı (Izmir). As Cedi admitted, he knew that this girl would become his wife the minute he saw her. For a whole year he carried a ring in his pocket, not daring to propose. And finally, in September 2021, he dared to ask for the hand of his beloved, having heard the cherished “I accept.”

In May of this year, Cedi Osman solemnly asked for permission from the parents of and received a positive response. The engagement caused quite a stir in the Turkish press. Journalists wondered where and when the couple’s marriage would take place. And now, finally, the answer was received.

On July 1, Ebru and Сedi received a marriage certificate in the city of Ohrid, Macedonia, where the groom was born (his family also lives there). The small celebration was attended by family members and closest friends. On July 7, the couple will go to Cesme, where they will arrange a big celebration for friends and colleagues.

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