Netflix series ‘Şahmaran’: scandal on the set



The shooting of the new season of the Netflix series “Şahmaran” starring Burak Deniz and had barely begun, but the Turkish media reported on the scandal that broke up on the set. What happened?

Last week, shooting of the second season of the Netflix series “Şahmaran” starring Burak Deniz and began in Marmaris. Recall that the release of the first season is scheduled for this fall. Before they had time to shoot the second season, the film crew got into trouble.

Local residents have raised a real riot, accusing the film crew of the Şahmaran series of destroying the unique nature of the Mugla Sweetgum forest, which is a state reserve. Environmentalists called the prosecutor’s office and the police when they saw smoke, a lot of people, cars, and a huge mess during filming in Marmaris.

The film crew presented documents permitting filming for one year. At the same time, the mayor of the city is outraged by the fact that TIMS & B employees rather flippantly stated that if a fire breaks out, they will put it out. In his opinion, the permit does not apply to territories with a special status, to which the reserved eucalyptus forest belongs. Exposed wires, people throwing cigarettes, trucks with cables, generators, smoke bombs. Significant damage has already been done to nature. The ecology is destroyed, the animals living in it are disturbed.


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