New series of Alp Navruz

Great news for fans of Alp Navruz. It seems that the young actor has finally decided on a new TV show and the audience will see him on the screens very soon.

According to well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, one of the most promising young Turkish actors, Alp Navruz, has received more than 30 scripts for projects both on television and on digital platforms, becoming a kind of champion in the number of proposals.

Initially, he liked the script for the Gold Film company’s military TV show, but the project was canceled. Then, the producer Faruk Turgut suggested that Alp read the script for the state television channel TRT1 TV series “Cennet’s Children / Cennet’in Çocukları”, which Alp liked. On Thursday, the producer officially welcomed the actor to the cast of the new series.

We remind you that the show is based on the book by Atike Hınçlıer “Heartache / Yürek Çıkmazı”. It will tell the story of a strong woman named Cennet, who is trying to raise her children and a man entangled in alcohol and depression, capable of both cruelty and repentance. The main female role in the project will be played by Ayça Bingöl , who is well known to the audience from the TV series “Time goes by”. The authors of the script are Ayla Hacıoğulları and Vilmer Özçınar.


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