Have the new Turkish series failed in Spain?

Sen Çal Kapımı / Love Is In The Air

Sen Çal Kapımı / Love Is In The Air

After several years of successful conquest of the Spanish television market, Turkish series have suddenly lost their position on the air. What happened and what will happen next?

Renowned journalist Sina Kologlu reports that the new Turkish series no longer generate the same enthusiasm among Spanish viewers and do not enjoy the same popularity as previous series like “What is Fatmagul’s Crime,” “Mother,” and “Woman,” which dominated the ratings in Spain.

The series “Love is in the air” did not appeal to Spaniards and was moved from the national channel Antena 3 to the smaller women’s channel Divinity. The series “My Home, My Destiny” ended up in the lower league, failing to achieve satisfactory ratings. It was initially moved to a late-night slot and then transferred to the digital platform Mitele. The fate of the series “Kindness” starring Hatice Şendil and Ismail Demirci, which will begin airing on Telecinco next week, raises questions. Will it be able to capture the hearts of the Spanish audience?

It should be noted that none of the new series mentioned by the journalist became superhits in the Turkish television. Perhaps the management of Spanish TV channels should pay attention to big hits like “Golden Boy.” Maybe then the Spanish audience’s attitude towards Turkish shows will change.

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