Rating for Wednesday, August 2

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Benim Güzel Ailem” grew by 0.07% in total viewership but lost 0.01% in AB (target audience). The numbers are quite modest, but for this summer, they are not that bad. Whether the show will continue to air in the fall depends on the plans of the state channel, which is not heavily reliant on ratings, although they do pay attention to them.

The series “Maviye Sürgün” grew by 0.05% in total viewership and 0.29% in AB. However, the rating of this new show is even lower than the thousandth rerun of the famous series “Forbidden Love,” which once again entered the top 10 most popular TV shows in Turkey. Unfortunately, Turkish viewers are not ready to watch new shows with such loyalty.

Total Viewership:
2. Benim Güzel Ailem – 2.60%⬆
12. Maviye Sürgün – 1.30%⬆

AB Viewership:
2. Benim Güzel Ailem – 2.58%⬇
9. Maviye Sürgün – 1.35%⬆