The premiere of the 2nd season of the series “Kanlı Çiçekler”

Kanlı Çiçekler

Kanlı Çiçekler

The long-awaited moment for fans of the series “Kanlı Çiçekler” (Bloody Flowers) has arrived. On September 18, Kanal 7 will present the second season of this popular show, which has captured the attention of the Turkish audience.

The main roles in the series are played by Barış Baktaş and Yağmur Yüksel. Also in the cast are Berkay Çınar, Selinay Taşol, Nalan Orgüt, Erol Yavan, Hasan Ballıktaş, Hilal Kuvvet, Ekrem Aral Tunca, Nuray Şerefoglu, Dilek Güler, and others.

The screenplay of the series, produced by Unik Film and Rains Pictures, was developed by a team of twelve screenwriters, including Nurie Bilidji, Münevver Yıldız, Melike Yılmaz, Burak Acar, and Güncel Miraz Dizman.

The series tells the story of love that began with enmity. Dilan is a vibrant young woman full of hopes and plans for her future. However, her dreams cannot come true due to the pressure from her family. Baran is a kind man who is forced to marry due to his love for his brother in order to end a long-standing feud between families. Dilan and Baran’s marriage turns out to be a difficult trial. The situation becomes more complicated when a family friend starts causing problems for them. After numerous conflicts and disagreements, Dilan and Baran finally begin to enjoy each other’s presence and find understanding. Unexpectedly for themselves, they fall in love.

The first season concludes with a real wedding, but the ending turns out to be tragic. Let’s see what surprises the second season has in store for viewers…