Rating for Saturday, September 23, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Gönül Dağı” increased by 0.40% in total and 0.20% in AB. This show on the state channel continues to be one of the most sought-after programs on Turkish television for four years. It seems that this season may not be its last, although it doesn’t generate much enthusiasm among international viewers.

The series “Kardeşlerim” lost 0.87% in total and 0.52% in AB. The new season doesn’t seem to excite the Turkish audience much, although it still has its loyal viewers. However, every story comes to an end sooner or later. It appears that this one has already exhausted its internal reserves, although it might still surprise us.

The series “Ya Çok Seversen” increased by 0.21% in total but lost 0.06% in AB. This is no longer very important as the project is ending next week, but it’s still better to leave with your head held high and some audience.

The series “Ruhun Duymaz” ended by losing 0.66% in total and 0.44% in AB. Turkish viewers have a not-so-great habit of losing interest in a show completely and not wanting to find out how the story ends. However, the decision to cancel the series was made very timely.

1. Gönül Dağı – 7.98%⬆
2. Kardeşlerim – 4.62%⬇
13. Ya Çok Seversen – 1.42%⬆
44. Ruhun Duymaz – 0.66%⬇ (finale)

1. Gönül Dağı – 6.09%⬆
5. Kardeşlerim – 2.57%⬇
36. Ruhun Duymaz – 0.64%⬇ (finale)
18. Ya Çok Seversen – 1.03%⬇