Rating for Saturday, October 21, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Gönül Dağı” increased by 0.83% in total and by 0.38% in AB. The show on the state channel TRT1 remains one of Turkey’s most beloved and demanded series in its fourth season, although it does not attract international attention. This is a purely Turkish production for the domestic market.

The series “Kardeşlerim” lost 0.45% in total and 0.62% in AB. The ATV channel traditionally focuses on total ratings, although the decline in AB raises some concern. However, nothing significant has happened so far, just the usual fluctuations in the audience.

The series “Kader Bağları” lost 0.69% in total and 0.63% in AB. The show did not meet the creators’ expectations and will conclude next week.

1. Gönül Dağı – 8.70%⬆
2. Kardeşlerim – 5.35%⬇
10. Kader Bağları – 2.01%⬇

1. Gönül Dağı – 7.20%⬆
4. Kardeşlerim – 2.55%⬇
9. Kader Bağları – 1.26%⬇