The series “Red roses” continues to provoke controversy

Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar

Journalist Banu Güven received gratitude from the producer of the series “Red Roses,” (Kızıl Goncalar) Faruk Turgut. Earlier, RTÜK imposed an administrative fine of 10 million Turkish lira on the series and suspended the broadcast of two episodes in response to thousands of viewer complaints. Several months have passed, and now there are accusations against the series, claiming that it glorifies sects and portrays negative aspects of secular society.

Journalist Banu Güven expressed her opinion on this matter in an entire article, stating: “Although the series is being criticized, the reality underlying the script — girls and boys who do not attend school by the will of the community — remains in the shadows.”

Faruk Turgut, the producer of Gold Film company, responded to the important issue raised by Banu Güven, saying: “There are people who notice this. Thank you very much, Banu Güven.”

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