Rating for Friday, May 10, 2024

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Cranberry Sherbet (Kızılcık Şerbeti)” lost 0.41% in total viewership and 0.78% in the AB demographic. The project by producer Faruk Turgut remains one of the most popular series in Turkey, and the slight fluctuations in ratings have no impact on its future. It is worth mentioning that the series will have its season finale on June 7 and will return with its third season in the fall.

The series “Golden Boy (Yalı Çapkını)” lost 1.08% in total viewership and 0.17% in the AB demographic. The significant drop, which has become a trend, is not a good sign. The series has been renewed for a third season, but if the writers cannot regain audience interest, the ratings could greatly disappoint fans of producer Onur Güvenatam’s show next year.

The series “No mercy (Gaddar)” grew by 0.28% in total viewership and 0.63% in the AB demographic. The audience for producer Kerem Çatay’s show is not very large, but it is stable and loyal to the series, and it also has good international sales. The series will have its finale in the 20th episode on June 7.

The series “Legend of the Black Tree (Kara Ağaç Destanı)” increased by 0.16% in total viewership and by 0.53% in the AB demographic. The ratings for the state channel’s show are not too high but quite stable, which allows it to comfortably move on to the next season.

The series “Firebirds (Ateş Kuşları) ” had its finale, rising by 0.69% in total viewership and by 0.32% in the AB demographic. Producer Mehmet Bozdağ’s show ended its broadcast quite honorably, although it did not achieve outstanding results.

Total viewership:
1. Cranberry Sherbet (Kızılcık Şerbeti) – 8.19%⬇
2. Golden Boy (Yalı Çapkını) – 4.83%⬇
6. Backstreets (Arka Sokaklar) – 4.02%⬇
8. No mercy (Gaddar) – 3.82%⬆
10. Legend of the Black Tree (Kara Ağaç Destanı) – 3.08%⬆
13. Firebirds (Ateş Kuşları) – 2.79%⬆ (finale)

AB demographic:
1. Cranberry Sherbet (Kızılcık Şerbeti) – 11.13%⬇
5. Golden Boy (Yalı Çapkını) – 3.16%⬇
6. No mercy (Gaddar) – 2.98%⬆
10. Legend of the Black Tree (Kara Ağaç Destanı) – 2.15%⬆
13. Firebirds (Ateş Kuşları) – 1.99%⬆ (finale)
14. Backstreets (Arka Sokaklar) – 1.87%⬆