Ilker Kaleli and Sıla: “Our relationship is more than marriage”

Ilker Kaleli and Sıla

Ilker Kaleli and Sıla

Ilker Kaleli and Sıla shared their thoughts on their relationship, which they consider more significant than marriage.

Sıla, 43, was married to Hazer Amani in 2020 and divorced the following year. 40-year-old Ilker Kaleli has not been married yet. Since the beginning of their relationship in 2021, there has often been speculation about whether they will marry. However, the couple is not in a hurry to formalize their relationship officially.

They were recently seen leaving a restaurant in the Fatih district. Ilker Kaleli commented on the evening: “It was a wonderful family evening with friends.”

Regarding the filming of the series in Spain, Ilker said, “I didn’t know Spanish, but I had to learn it for the shooting. We shot five or six episodes in a short time, and now they are airing on Thursday evenings. The start has been successful, and the Spanish audience will decide the rest.”

Sıla expressed pride in her partner’s new project: “I was amazed, although I don’t know Spanish. It wasn’t easy, and we talked about it a lot. For me, it’s a reason for pride.”

When asked about a joint vacation in Spain, they replied, “We often go there.”

Ilker Kaleli, celebrating his 40th birthday, said, “The existence of humanity is important… Everything else is just talk.”

In response to a question about marriage, Ilker stated, “We’ve been together for four years and are experiencing something much more beautiful than marriage. We don’t need to make it official. We don’t feel such a need.”

Asked whether marriage kills love, they answered, “We don’t believe that.”

Sıla also commented on her outfit: “Of course, I’ll dress up especially for my beloved’s birthday.”

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