Turkish The Protector vs. Arabian The Jinn

The columnist of Milliyet newspaper Sina Kologlu is worried about the fate of the first Turkish-American series of Netflix “The Protector” with in the leading role. He points out that Netflix decided to present to the Western audience two similar stories at once – one made by the Turks, the other by the Arabs. The Arab TV series The Jinn, which is filmed in Jordan, is also dedicated to a superhero and has a lot of similarities to the story of The Protector. But will the Western audience accept both stories? Whether it will accept the eastern mythology and oriental traditions is still unclear. The bet is risky enough.

Scriptwriter of The Jinn series is Bassel Ghandour. He is known as the author of the only Jordanian film Theeb, who received the Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. However, he had not worked before in the series. At the same time, the main author of the script The Protector Jason George specializes on TV series, among which are hits such as Black List and Narcos. Which of the two approaches to creating the script will be more successful, we will see in the fall.

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